Why we’re Acts 29.

Over the last couple of weeks Anne and I have been in America visiting 3 supporting Churches and taking part in the Acts 29 lead pastor and wives retreat. It was an incredibly busy trip, meeting hundreds of people as we travelled from Scotland to Atlanta, California, back to Atlanta and finally New York before flying home. Yet despite the busyness it was an incredibly refreshing time and reminded me why I love that our Church is part of Acts 29.

For those of you who don’t know, Acts 29 is a “diverse, global family of Church planting Churches.” And that’s what we experienced over the last fortnight.

Diverse – Over 700 Church planters and wives gathered in California from all over the world. We personally spent time with people representing churches from Africa, South America, North America and all across Europe. It was fantastic to hear what God is doing all over His world through His Church.


Sunday worship at Restoration City Church.

Global family – During our time in the States we stayed in 6 different places (we didn’t sleep in any bed for more than 4 nights) yet everywhere we went we were welcomed as family. From meals, to prayer, to trips out, to people offering cars, to hotels being booked for us, to gifts to take home we were VERY well looked after and cared for by our Christian family. As Scots we have a lot to learn from American hospitality and generosity!



Meal with leaders at Gospel Community Church.

Church planting churches –  The three Churches we visited- all of whom are part of the US Southeast network – care deeply about the Church in Scotland. They want to see more Churches planted that Jesus might be famous in our country once again. And they don’t just say it – they prove it through financial generosity, earnest prayer and practical support. It was obvious that every Church we visited cared about us because they are  Church planting Churches.


With the staff and Church planters at Greenbriar Church.

I love that Living Hope gets to be a part of this diverse, global family of Church planting Churches.