Do you ever feel busy? You have a 101 jobs to do before you need to pick up the kids/go to bed/leave the office/welcome your visitors/hand in an essay/move house (delete as appropriate). Life feels like a constant race against the clock. We’ve all been there; infact we’re told that people today feel busier than they ever have before.

And as Christians we aren’t immune to that feeling as we try to juggle the responsibilities of family, work, friendships and Church. We feel so busy it can seem impossible to thrive in our relationships with God.

That’s why this Sunday we are launching our new sermon series looking at a Christian response to busyness. We’re going to take 11 weeks to explore the theme “Living for Jesus is a busy world.”


Whether you’re a Christian or not you are invited to join us on Sunday’s at 2pm at Kingsview Christian Centre.