Doctrine. Delighting in God.

In ‘Mere Christianity’, CS Lewis describes theology as a map. He gives 2 reasons; 1 – a map is a representation of a greater reality and 2 – we need a map to know where to go.┬áThat’s why, this Sunday, at Living Hope we are starting a new 11 week series on Doctrine. We’re going to be looking at the God who speaks, creates, designs, saves, calls, transforms, adopts, gives and renews.


Yet we don’t just want to spend 11 weeks studying a map, that’d be really boring. We want to experience the greater reality that theology is pointing to so that we might love God and know what it means to live for Him. That’s why we’ve called this series ‘Doctrine. Delighting in God.’ Our prayer for this series is that we’d know God better, love Him more and live for Him.